McLaren F1 - The Science EXPLAINED
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The McLaren F1 is considered by most to be the first hypercar ever. When McLaren and its lead designer, Gordon Murray, released it back in 1992 it shocked the automotive world with it unique design and race inspired functionality. The McLaren F1 was full of firsts, it used carbon fiber, space grade metals, it had a Formula One derived engine by BMW, and it had three seats! Three seats in a hypercar! And those are only a few of the incredible engineering features in the McLaren F1. Today we are going B2B on the car that managed to hold on to the title of fastest car in the world for TWELVE straight years, the McLaren F1.
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    Donut Media

    What "normal" car would you want to see have a center seat? I wouldn't say no to a 3 seater catfish camaro - Jeremiah

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      Moesha special DVD

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    My dad was the first one to do orange on the car it was Dan Kennedy

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    Ray Thomas

    It’s almost as if the designer new the driver would have a wife and a girlfriend. Explains the 3 seats 💯😭

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    I feel like Jeremiah tries too hard to sound "cool" but it never really slaps. It just sounds awkward and forced. Just do your thing man, no need to *try* to be what you aren't

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    Leonard Baker

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    K-Man Sports

    6:18 Censoring Carbon fibre monocoque is juat brilliant! 🤣

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    Gaming Wookie 42

    I love how he always assumes that they won’t use a clip, and then it gets used.

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    Benedikt Klein

    7;31 don't know, if you're intersted, but pigs don't sweat

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    OMG when they said 14.4k modem I thought about how I had a Dreamcast with a 36.6k modem (earlier model I bought second hand from a rental store)... and then you mentioned having one with a 56k modem XD

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    Black Nikkoneea

    Bro the egg thing doesnt work i tried it twice and it broke

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    Moesha special DVD

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    Satvik Krishna

    Fun fact : an egg can withstand 22 kilos of force

  • Mostly Penny Cat
    Mostly Penny Cat

    That 14k modems pretty cool. It comes with a sat transceiver so McLaren can diagnose the engine from England to anywhere in the world. Not bad for '92

  • Mostly Penny Cat
    Mostly Penny Cat

    Inconel is a superalloy. It uses to make: Rocket engines Jet Turbine blades McLaren F1s _Yeah..._ 😳

  • Mostly Penny Cat
    Mostly Penny Cat

    The McLaren F1 is _truly_ a race car for the road. For real, no marketing bumf. The tyres are _still_ $20,000 a set. Because you have to hire a race track, test driver, engineers and ambulance to set up new tyres. An F1 parked in a garage costs _$50,000_ in maintenance. Because half the parts have a shelf life even if you don't use them.

  • MWN

    The mono(cock) part is my favorite 🤣🤣🤣

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    Psychlops 924

    So today I learned that the McLaren F1 is basically an egg

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    Bring Bart back

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    Robert Dillahunstville

    I felt like this was too much about you and not enough about the car. I don't know, it felt toxic in a way.

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    Ajay Kumar

    Its very hard to make same image of a car in people mind like mclaren f1 is having right now i.e. OP.

  • Robert Dillahunstville
    Robert Dillahunstville

    I felt like this was too much about you and not enough about the car.

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    Israel Dixon

    My girlfriend sprinted into the kitchen , grabbed an egg and it immediately broke and shot yoke across the living room.

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    Jermaine Stewart

    **pauses video to go throw water balloons at cars** 😁 **comes back, resumes video and realized he said dont do it** 😳

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    Ryan Davis

    I came here from snap just to ask, is that a 2 or 4 stroke dirtbike

  • Nick Hill
    Nick Hill

    Gordon Murray himself is around 6'4", so you can imagine he put a lot of thought into the ergonomics of the cockpit (especially as it relates to taller drivers). As a member myself of the 6'+ Lovers of Small Cars club, I thank him for his efforts!

  • Mäýüŕá Vïřůš
    Mäýüŕá Vïřůš

    Honda can technically sell those V10 or V12 but why? Honda has always been making everything from scratch so its not viable and profitable because R&D of it will bankrupt Honda

  • crowaust

    Funnily enough I had heard of Inconel before, And funnily enough it was also from something that was named the F1... F1 Rocket Engine... you know the engines on the Saturn V that sent people to the Moon :) So the Material has been around a while :) From the Wikipedia page for the Rocketdyne F-1 "The material used for the F-1 thrust chamber tube bundle, reinforcing bands and manifold was Inconel-X750, a refractory nickel based alloy capable of withstanding high temperatures. "

  • Jason Filipski
    Jason Filipski

    I like to watch your snapchat stories but y’all gotta look out for video editing. The progression of the videos are never in order

  • Kevin Tucker
    Kevin Tucker

    Inconel has a melting point of 2,570 degrees Fahrenheit! Without this alloy metal there would be no “space” “program”. You can buy inconel exhaust valves for your race engines these days if you have enough cash.

  • Kevin Tucker
    Kevin Tucker

    Mr Bean could drive his Mini Cooper from the roof while sitting in a lazy boy recliner with ropes tied to the steering wheel, but couldn’t keep his McLaren on the road...

    • Freddie Barnes
      Freddie Barnes

      Very True 👍

  • Kevin Tucker
    Kevin Tucker

    Can’t believe a guy with an epic mullet designed this car!...

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    Kevin Tucker

    Hehe, you said mono cock...

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    Kevin Tucker

    I was born Tuckered

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    This guy is like having a Jay Leno with Down's Syndrome explain tHe mzclArEn F2 to me.

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    Mahmoud Salem

    please consider to add KGs and km in your video so people outside united state can understand you

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    evol niw

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    "Give me the gold!" >Kitkat Gold ad starts playing

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    F-1 is just adult go-karts

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    Key Skywalker

    The greatest car of all time. Surpassed only by its successor, the T.50

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    Fun fact: Honda was the one that was originally supposed to build the V12 for the McLaren F1, but they backed out later

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    there is now egg all over my keyboard...

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    Ali Sutherland

    This dude honestly is the GOAT.

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    Nate Bulitta

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    Sales Dept

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    Akhil Krishna UK

    2:25 Ken Block’s Hoonicorn V1 enters the chat with an NA Roush V8 cranking over 900 hp. Did i mention its NA ?

  • Akhil Krishna UK
    Akhil Krishna UK

    2:25 Ken Block’s Hoonicorn V1 enters the chat with an NA Roush V8 cranking over 900 hp. Did i mention its NA ?

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    Omer Turker

    I tried the egg thing, it broke.

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    3 seats is good selling point to: Your wife = being practical & family car (wife and 1 child) You = beating other super car by being able to carry 2 x girl friends

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    Izzaac Alley

    Can't you just move the pedals over so they are centered to the hips? Like just bend the little arms lmao

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    Eric Hill

    A recent interview with Murray contradicts alot of the design aspects you talk about here.

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    Ollie Higton

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    StanleySimmons REACTIONS

    2:19 It's still the fastest!

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    Philip van Schalkwyk

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    Remi Ramos

    Side note, inconel is used in the construction of nuclear reactors. Source: me - nuclear engineer

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    Chael jr.

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    Both Yim

    He looks like Chase Stokes

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    Why is this guy so cringe

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    David Bartz

    No car before, no car since has ever surpassed the f1 in terms of driving and engineering purity

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    Coffee Rebel

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    Francis Johnson

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    CTtheGamerr 2.0

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    Efftup Smith

    I thought they called it the F1 because it was 39 steps ahead of the F40. THat was certainly a comment they made at the time.

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    Rob F

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    Brandon Sojka

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    The Pixelated

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    Joseph Electric

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    e2- woah

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    Paul Roux

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